A World of opportunity 

Motoring opens up a big world of opportunity for you and Cooper have the tyres to take you and your vehicle wherever you want to go. 

Our great range of car, 4x4, winter and high performance tyres has been designed and developed to match the high specification established by today’s motor manufacturers.  Whether you are driving the high street or the autobahn, the race track or the dirt track, feel free to rediscover the liberating experience of motoring, under control. 


Cooper Zeon CS8 - Our new advanced high performance summer tyre

“Zeon CS8 has great grip, fuel efficiency and handles superbly” David Coulthard, Cooper tire safety and performance ambassador

High dispersion silica tread: Provides improved wet performance as well as excellent traction in dry conditions.

Wear SquareTM visual indicator: Allows a quick check on approximate tread life remaining on the tyre and indicates any potential wheel alignment issues with the vehicle.

Noise damping structures: Reduces airborne noise generated by the tyre/road interaction – passing all known future EU ‘pass by noise’ legislation.

Functional rim flange protectors: In all sizes help to minimise kerb damage to alloy wheels*

Cooper CS Sport

The Cooper Zeon CS Sport has been designed and developed with the driving enthusiast in mind with a select range of 18” to 20” sizes, W and Y speed rated for ultra high performance vehicles.

The tyre is packed with new design features intended to optimise performance and maximise the driving experience.

The high dispersion silica tread provides improved wet performance as well as excellent traction in dry conditions. Opti-noise technology ensures quieter running and improved comfort. Flipper reinforcement enhances steering response and lateral stability and a 0° spiral restrictor improves high speed performance.

The central tread rib and 2 ply rayon casing offers exceptionally crisp and precise handling aided by the large shoulder tread blocks.

A rim flange protector helps guard against kerb damage to alloy wheels.


Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport

Functionalised Polymer with Silica: Formulated to give enhanced wet grip, tread wear and promote fuel saving.

3D Micro-Gauge Siping: Innovative technology allowing the sipe walls to interlock; this keeps the tread blocks stable under load and also controls the amount of heat generation improving both handling and mileage.

Rim protection: Extends beyond the rim flange helping to protect against rim damage when a wheel scuffs a kerb.

Asymmetrical tread design: Open inner shoulder enhances wet grip, wide circumferential grooves help resist aquaplaning and solid outer shoulder optimises dry handling.

Range of fitments: Available in 16” to 21” rim diameters with H, V, W and Y speed ratings.


Cooper Zeon CS2

Rolling Resistance: Better fuel economy than its equivalent predecessor due to an average 7% lower rolling resistance.

Tread Wear: Longer tyre life due to a new tread compound, a new tread design and structural enhancements (resulting in a 10% improvement over its predecessor).

Tread pattern: Asymmetric tread design with computer-designed pitch sequence for a quieter ride. Broad solid outer shoulder for enhanced handling performance.

Environmentally friendly: Using zero polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) conforming to EU directive 2005/69.

Legislation: Conforms to all the applicable EU legislation for noise and wet grip.

T-Speed Rated: In popular European sizes to fit a range of small family cars.