Nitro Inflation

At Selecta Tyre Ltd we recommend that all your tyres are filled with Nitrogen - contact your local branch for more information

Tyres inflated with compressed air

The traditional means of tyre inflation is using compressed air consisting of nitrogen (78%) and oxygen and water vapour (21%). The rubber used to make tyres is porous allowing oxygen to escape. As a result tyre pressures are reduced, under inflation results, leading to reduced braking and handling of the vehicle reduced fuel economy and increased wear on tyres. The moisture contained within oxygen causes oxidation resulting in damage and corrosion to wheels.

Tyres inflated with nitrogen

Nitrogen used to inflate tyres will reduce the amount of gas permeating the tyre wall reducing under inflation. Due to its molecular construction nitrogen stays in the tyre for up to ten times longer. The lack of oxygen and water vapour present in tyres filled with nitrogen means the possibility of oxidization to wheels and tyres are eliminated. Nitrogen is easy to produce, non-flammable and is favoured by Formula One racing for its safety efficiency and reliability.

Benefits of nitrogen

  • Better handling and road holding
  • Reduces tread wear and increases tyre life by up to 25%
  • Correct inflation pressures reduce puncture risk by up to 33%
  • Reduced rolling resistance improves miles per gallon by 2%
  • Improved pressure retention
  • No oxidation or corrosion of wheels
  • Kind to the environment