Without suspension in a vehicle the occupants would feel every bump in the road making for a very uncomfortable ride in addition to which the road handling and braking of the vehicle would be badly affected. Vehicle suspension consists of a system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages connecting the vehicle to the wheels.

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Suspension Overview

KYB Shock absorber regulates the movement of the spring

Objective: To keep the tyre in contact with the road by pushing it down

Suspension Example 1

With springs but no shocks, bouncing around a lot

Suspension Example 2

With springs and worn shocks, bouncing around less

Suspension Example 3

With springs and fully working shocks, tyres maintain contact with the road

Side Effects?

What are the effects of worn shocks/springs?

  • Reduced ability to control car movement
  • Less tyre contact with the road
    • Increased stopping distance (up to 23%)
    • Decreased road holding
    • Cornering issues
    • ESP and ABS functioning reduced
    • Increase stress and wear on other components
    • Increased tiredness when driving

8 Signs of Worn Shocks & Springs

Body Roll

Handling, control


Handling, control


Handling, noise, comfort, rattles

Traction Loss

Stopping distance, control, acceleration

Nose Dive

Stopping distance, control, component wear

Bottom Out

Handling, control, component wear

Acceleration Squat

Traction, handling, control

Tyre Wear

Tyre life and performance, road noise

How Do Shocks Wear?

Wear is gradual

  • Oil passes through the valves with every movement of the car
  • 1,000 times per mile for 1st valve
  • After 75,000 miles, that’s 75,000,000 times!
  • Valves loosen up, allowing oil to pass through piston faster
  • Symptoms are harshness, bouncing

How Do Shocks Work?

TwinTube Technology

TwinTube Technology

MonoTube Technology

MonoTube Technology