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Aircon Regas and Lube

There are several parts to the air conditioning supply and each will need to be serviced or at least regularly checked. Considering a cars age and use throughout its' life, in this instance, every two years is a good check-in point.

The easiest part of the bi-annual check is the servicing, to offset any future air conditioning repair requirements, taking the right steps to ensure the air con in the car doesn't fail in the first place. A typical MOT Test does not check for problems with air conditioning, only whether your car is safe to drive, so air con servicing must be carried out separately.The air conditioning recharge service usually takes less than an hour. A faulty or damaged air con system will create a noisy engine and use more fuel, costing you more money in the process, so it is best to get ahead of the air conditioning problem.

While it doesn't seem a lot, approximately 10% of air con gas escapes annually. This gas helps cool the incoming air and keep the internal system clean and dirt-free, once the pressure begins to fall, then all number of things can start to go wrong, so check up every two years before air con repair becomes a necessity. As with most repairs with cars, they're usually more expensive than the maintenance, no matter how costly you feel it is to maintain, a full repair typically ends up being a lot more.

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