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Selecta Tyre Ltd are a fully independent retailer, not tied to any particular manufacturer and are therefore able to offer completely objective, unbiased advice on the right tyres for your car. Whether you require Winter or Summer tyres, economy or premium, 4x4, SUV or high performance, we have fantastic deals on all tyres.

We have over 30 years of experience in selling tyres and have always prided ourselves on our high standard of service and our Price Promise, whereby we promise to BEAT not meet , any competitor's advertised price or substantiated quote, like for like, including Internet prices, so you don't need to go anywhere else!

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Winter Tyres

At Selecta Tyre Ltd we recommend that if you want to get out and about whatever the weather, you should consider switching to Winter tyres around October and then switch back to Summer tyres around April, although it is perfectly ok to run on Winter tyres all year round.

Why Use Winter Tyres?

Drivers in many Northern European and Scandinavian Countries are well aware of the benefits of Winter tyres with legal requirements for them in many countries, however, the UK is just beginning to appreciate the benefits of switching from a ‘Summer’ tyre to a ‘Winter’ tyre as the temperature begins to drop below 7ºC.

Below 7°C a conventional (Summer) tyre loses GRIP, PERFORMANCE and EFFICIENCY

Tyre technology and manufacture has advanced over the past 25 years and these advancements, combined with other vehicle concepts have made driving considerably safer.

It would be unreasonable, however, to expect one tyre type to provide high safety levels with temperature ranges varying by more than 40ºC as has been experienced in Britain recently. This is why specialist tyres have been developed for differing conditions, such as the Winter tyre which contains a higher proportion of natural rubber and a special silica compound, which minimises the hardening effect of the tyre thus providing more grip at lower temperatures and damp surfaces and a different tread pattern which gives extra grip in cold weather and therefore increases SAFETY , HANDLING and PERFORMANCE in not only the snow and ice but in all driving conditions.

The British Tyre Manufacturer’s Association has carried out research on comparative braking distances at different temperatures.

Braking on snow and ice covered roads

On snow or ice-covered roads only winter tyres reduce the braking distance by those vital metres. The comparison below proves the point.

Braking on icy roads from 20 mph (30 km/h) to rest.

Braking on snowy roads from 30 mph (50 km/h) to rest

Braking on wet roads

On damp or wet roads, tyres grip differently - and the braking distance is substantially longer. Which means the question of the right tyres and the temperature is even more important.

Over 7°C - between April and October — traditional summer tyres are truly in their element. Between October and April — winter tyres show distinct safety advantages.

Comparison of Temperature Dependent braking distance

Braking on dry roads from 62 mph (100 km/h) to rest

Braking on wet roads from 62 mph (100 km/h) to rest

These illustrations show clearly that below 7°C, whether the roads are covered in snow, ice or simply damp or wet, winter tyres provide a clear safety advantage.

Data reproduced by kind permission of the British Tyre Manufacturers' Association

More information about tyres

What is the legal tyre tread depth limit in the UK?
1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tread and around the whole circumference of the tyre.

What is the penalty?
If your tyres are found to have less than 1.6mm tread you can be fined £2,500 per tyre and receive 3 penalty points.

My tyres have worn unevenly, why?
Abnormal or uneven wear on tyres is often a sign of a mechanical problem. The mechanical parts such as steering, wheel alignment and brakes should be checked.

UK law requires that all vehicles are fitted with the correct tyre and size of tyre for the vehicle you are driving for the purpose intended. This means fitting the correct tyres and ensuring that they are inflated to the correct pressure.

How can I find out what is the correct tyre pressure for my vehicle?
Look in your drivers’ manual or you may have a sticker on the driver’s side door or sill. Check pressures when the tyre is cold as the pressure will increase when the tyre warms up after driving.

Why is correct tyre pressure important?
If tyres are over-inflated the vehicle ride will be harder and more uncomfortable and the tyre tread will be worn out in the centre of the tread. Under-inflation can cause tyre damage, uneven wear and is found to increase fuel consumption.

What do I do if I find a bulge on my tyre?
This is a sign that the tyre has been damaged, probably caused by a heavy impact or hitting the kerb. The tyre may be illegal and potentially dangerous and the advice of a tyre expert should be sought immediately. The same is true if you find cracking or cuts on your tyres.

If you have any queries or concerns about your tyres simply call into your nearest Selecta Tyre Ltd depot or call us for advice.

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