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Wheel Balancing

Incorrectly balanced wheels can result in an uncomfortable drive due to vibration in the steering wheel at certain road speeds (usually around 50-70 mph) or vibration in the seat or floor area of the vehicle at certain speeds. As a result of wheels being out of balance there is premature tyre wear and poor handling.

We offer a FREE Balance check at Selecta Tyre Ltd so call in or phone your nearest Branch to ensure that your wheels are correctly balanced for more comfortable, safe and efficient driving.

Wheel Alignment

For the correct vehicle handling, even tyre wear, safest stopping distances, increased fuel economy, less driver fatigue, while also maximising your investment in your tyre purchase. The correct wheel alignment settings for your car should be set.

Surveys carried out have found that more than eight out of every ten cars checked required a wheel alignment adjustment. How will you know if you have a potential wheel alignment issue? The other questions you need to ask yourself are as follows;

  • Is your steering wheel straight when you drive your car?
  • Does your car pull or drift to the left or right?
  • Are you experiencing uneven tyre wear?
  • Does your car understeer or oversteer?
  • Do the tyres squeal on roundabouts?
  • Does your car wander when driving in a straight line?

Contact your local branch for comprehensive advice, or simply call in for a FREE Check!

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