Tyres - Selecta Tyre Ltd are a fully independent retailer, not tied to any particular manufacturer and are therefore able to offer completely objective, unbiased advice on the right tyres for your car. Whether you require Winter or Summer tyres, economy or premium, 4x4, SUV or high performance, we have fantastic deals on all tyres.

Exhausts & Catalytic Converters - We offer a HUGE range of exhausts to meet your requirements and we aim to supply and fit even the most obscure exhaust systems the same day.

Brakes - Selecta Tyre Ltd fit high quality brakes from the leading manufacturer Apec.

Batteries - We are all aware of the importance of a healthy car battery to avoid being one of the many car breakdown statistics, particularly when the cold weather hits, and we at Selecta Tyre Ltd offer a FREE Diagnostic Battery Check to ensure that your battery is in good health at all times.

MOTs - Selecta Tyre Ltd has a state-of-the-art MOT Auto Service branch at Ashbourne.& Crewe

Servicing - At Selecta Tyre Ltd, we offer a 38 point Interim servicing to the Industry standard from as little as £69.95 including parts, labour and VAT.

Wheel Alignment - At Selecta Tyre Ltd we use sophisticated wheel balancing systems ranging from laser wheel alignment to full 3D imaging equipment. We also offer Caster and Camber adjustments at some locations.

Wheel Balancing - Incorrectly balanced wheels can result in an uncomfortable drive due to vibration in the steering wheel at certain road speeds (usually around 50-70 mph) or vibration in the seat or floor area of the vehicle at certain speeds. As a result of wheels being out of balance there is premature tyre wear and poor handling

Alloy Wheels - At Selecta Tyre Ltd we supply a large range of high quality replacement wheels for most vehicles and we are also able to supply suppliers' OE wheels.

Suspension - Without suspension in a vehicle the occupants would feel every bump in the road making for a very uncomfortable ride in addition to which the road handling and braking of the vehicle would be badly affected. Vehicle suspension consists of a system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages connecting the vehicle to the wheels.

Nitro Inflation - At Selecta Tyre Ltd we recommend that all your tyres are filled with Nitrogen - contact your local branch for more information

Free Auto Health Check - We offer a FREE 25 point Auto Health Check at all of our branches.

Tyre Hotel - We understand that some people are reluctant to own 2 sets of tyres (summer and winter) for their vehicle due to problems of storage and perceived extra costs involved. 

TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - TPMS is an electronic system to monitor air pressure in tyres which alerts the driver, via a gauge, a pictogram icon display or a simple warning light on the dashboard, to a fall in tyre pressure.

Air Con Recharge - Our Air Con Recharge service is available at Ashbourne Branch only