TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

What is TPMS?

tpms TPMS is an electronic system to monitor air pressure in tyres which alerts the driver, via a gauge, a pictogram icon display or a simple warning light on the dashboard, to a fall in tyre pressure (usually triggered when air pressure falls 25% below the manufacturers' recommended level).

Benefits of TPMS

Under-inflated tyres can adversely affect a vehicle's road holding, handling and braking. Tyres which are correctly inflated will enjoy an extended life, increased fuel efficiency and decreased emissions in addition to the obvious driving and safety advantages.

TPMS on NEW vehicles

As of Nov 2012 European legislation will dictate that all new vehicles must be fitted with TPMS and must be in working order.

Selecta Tyre Ltd are stockists of all brands of TPMS valves and have the expertise and knowledge to install and re-programme TPMS for most vehicles. Contact your nearest Branch for more information.